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     My cleaner consistently meets and exceeds my expectations, making our rapport even more valuable.
Rupert W. 22/05/2024
     Amazing carpet and rug cleaning service! Perfect attention to detail and consistent dependability from this reliable house cleaning company! Highly recommended!
Caroline M16/04/2024
     My bathroom was a complete mess, but the cleaning crew took on the challenge and put in an immense amount of effort to leave it spotless. I was blown away by the final outcome.
     To say I was impressed by the incredible state of my house upon returning yesterday would be an understatement - thank you for your excellent services.
Jay Tailor20/03/2024
     Your services are worth every penny for the incredible results achieved on my carpets.
Morgan F.01/03/2024
     We were blown away by the reliability, positive demeanor, and efficiency of Cleaning Service London's team as they tackled the daunting task of cleaning an extremely dirty house. Despite experiencing delays due to a rail strike, they didn't let it slow them down and put in extra effort to ensure everything was flawlessly clean. A sincere thank you to the entire team!
Georgina James14/02/2024
     This cleaning company has consistently demonstrated their dedication to providing exceptional customer service and it has not gone unnoticed.
Arnold Hastiffer04/02/2024
     I am extremely satisfied with the cleaner's service, they were so helpful and hands-on, I highly recommend them for anyone in need of thorough cleaning services.
Harriet K.25/01/2024
     I couldn't have asked for a better outcome - the person's professionalism and commitment to excellence truly showed in the end results. Thank you for an amazing first-time experience.
Graham T. 15/01/2024
     The cleaner has cleaned my carpets twice since I moved into my new home and her work is simply amazing. Despite having two dogs constantly bringing in dirt from outside, she always manages to leave my floors looking impeccable.
Shane Oldfield18/12/2023
     We are highly satisfied with the cleaning service provided - friendly, diligent and through. Many thanks!
D. Hogan01/12/2023
     The floor and bathroom cleaning provided was professional and efficient; I am highly satisfied.
Charlie M.20/11/2023
     The cleaning professionals were really good! We stayed informed with their progress during the day, and they showed great friendliness as well as skillfulness.
Christian D.24/10/2023
      Cleaning Service London's team revealed their reliability, happiness, capability and astonishingly tidied up a dirty house.
Alison H.19/07/2023
     This cleaning company is top of my recommendations for family and friends due to their speedy work ethic, personable staff members and high standards of workmanship.
Jerry S.05/06/2023
     Following a recommendation, I employed One off Cleaning Services for office cleaning duties and it was an excellent decision! The results were excellent and we will certainly be booking them again in the near future.
Fay G.15/05/2023
     Our experience with One off Cleaning Services's cleaners has been remarkable. They worked swiftly and attended to all minor details; an achievement that truly shows their excellent work ethic and professionalism. Without a doubt, we would absolutely advise others to make use of their service available.
Alan S.27/01/2023
     Great services. Friendly staff and the most reliable house cleaning company. You got me hooked for sure.
     I'd rather do anything than clean. This company was invented for people like me. They came to clean my flat and did it with a smile and at a good price. Wonderful cleaners! I praise thee!
Olin Bertram03/07/2019
      One off Cleaning London do our nightly office cleaning and all the staff comment on how clean the place is. Saves us having to worry about it too.
Imelda Daon10/06/2019
     Best cleaners I've ever used. They come once a week, get everything done and are always looking for new ways to help me out. OneOffCleaning have done a great jobs recruiting their people.
Mona Chicarday17/05/2019
     The cleaners went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure everything was cleaned to a high standard. One off Cleaning Services delivered and I'd highly recommend them to one and all.
Mark S.18/04/2019
     The cleaners clean to a high standard and do Cleaning Service London and the cleaning industry proud.
D. Russell13/03/2019
     Hiring Cleaning Services was a cost-effective solution to getting my office cleaning sorted.
Alan S.08/02/2019
      Deep Cleaning London dealt with the office cleaning quickly and professionally. They didn't disturb the workforce, were in and out in super-quick time. They were great value for money too.
K. Hurst16/01/2019
     Not used a cleaning service before but One off Cleaning Services are very good and my home is always spotless after they come, so definitely can't complain.
Joseph Masters28/11/2018
     After a major house cleaning job, I returned home to find that End of Tenancy cleaning London had totally transformed my property. The cleanliness levels had been taken to the next stage.
D. Valentine09/10/2018
     I was in dire need of a deep cleansing for my home. Whilst it is true that there always exists a risk when contacting a company you have never used, especially one which will have access to your home, my concerns proved to be unfounded with One off Cleaning Services. Not only are their workers professionally trained and insured, but they have a magnificent work ethic. I must admit, I was nervous during the entire cleaning session but that was to be expected. I was extremely satisfied with the result and will use them again.
Oscar Dawes11/09/2018
      One off Cleaning Services scored high with me as they went above and beyond expectations. They cleaned my upholstery, carpeting as well as the bathroom tile. Thorough and impressive. For anyone who needs a dependable house cleaning service, this is one you can surely count on.
Blake S. Tisdale17/08/2018
      Cleaning Service London supplies a good service. The domestic cleaners always do a very good job at my flat, thorough, taking great care and pride in their work. will contact them for your domestic cleaning needs.
Cynthia Sanderson02/08/2018
     The office staff at Cleaning Service London were polite and professional when I rang them up to see if they serviced my area, and if so, to schedule a cleaning appointment. The workers most certainly aimed to please and provided an excellent service. As I am a property manager, I was searching for a cleaning service which was accommodating and flexible. Their workers are adaptable to any situation. Highly pleased with the high quality of their work.
Illya Nivens17/07/2018
     My house is now immaculate thanks to One off Cleaning London. The cleaners from this company were so friendly. They were utter professionals.
Ken M.11/06/2018
     Their cleaners performed miracles in my kitchen. It really was an amazing job by Cleaning Services.
Max M.15/05/2018
     The cleaners carried out all the work ahead of schedule. They worked quickly and efficiently and were a highly professional outfit. I'm so glad I ended up choosing Cleaning Services.
L. Notay27/04/2018
     It was a spotless clean from OneOffCleaning. Domestic cleaning services can't get much better.
H. Mitchel04/04/2018
     OneOffCleaning are the second cleaning company I've used and they will be my go-to service from now on. They are efficient, timely and professional, and my house always looks amazing after they've been.
Keenan Reel30/03/2018
     I hired End of Tenancy cleaning London for deep home cleaning. That's exactly what I received. I was blown away by the amount of work they managed to achieve and how clean they left my property. A top team and great company.
Clive A.27/02/2018
     Well worth the money for the carpet cleaning service from One off Cleaning London in my opinion, the results are quite simply stunning and so much cheaper than buying a whole new carpet.
Basil Sowerby22/01/2018
     I am this type of person who doesn't invite professionals for my house cleaning. After all, why should I hire people to clean my house while I can do it at no cost? You can get the reason why I do not hire these professionals. My perception changed when I was caught up in my workplace last week and expected visitors during the weekend. I did not know what to do at that time, but I remembered my friend bragging about how her house was spotless after hiring One off Cleaning Services. I decided to check it online and check for the services it offered. I was pleased to see that it offered a whole set of house cleaning services. I decided to give them a try. But remember, not because I do love having new people attend to my duties, but just because I was busy. The staff responsible for house cleaning arrived on time. Their services were so professional, and each of them was busy doing what they are good at. My home was cleaned, floors mopped, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, cleaned and sanitised, and I can tell you I just got all I needed. Did I mention that the windows were spotless and the stubborn stain in my carpets was nowhere to be found? I just couldn't believe that that was the house I used to live in. I was so proud welcoming the visitors in my home, and they all left claiming how neat and clean my house was. I really do appreciate the services of these cleaners. After all, I could not manage to do all the tasks they did in the time available and still plan for the visitors. I do now believe that hiring these experts is a great plus. I will keep hiring them, not only when I am busy, but on a monthly basis, as I enjoy living in my freshened-up house. Moreover, the price I paid for all this package of services was so reasonable, and I can tell for sure that employing these experts is not a luxury as most of us think.
Lara H.09/01/2018
      One off Cleaning London have done carpet cleaning in my home once a month for a couple of years now and every time they visit I get the same brilliant level of service and quality of work. Bravo to the team for their efforts.
Don Claringyton13/12/2017
     I got my house cleaning job sorted with ease when I hired One off Cleaning Services. Hiring their company provided a straightforward solution. It was a cheap solution too and saved me plenty of time.
Johnathan B.20/11/2017
     I was speechless when I inspected the work of their cleaners. I couldn't believe all the work they managed to achieve in such a short space of time. It was amazing, and made me realise why Cleaning Services is rated so highly in the industry.
A. Sammy05/10/2017
     I don't often hire home cleaning services because I like to do the work myself. Cleaning Service London and their offers were too appealing and I was not disappointed by the work they put in and the special offer they delivered on my home's carpets. A fantastic job all round.
Kendra P.14/09/2017
     I always hire a cleaning company when a tenant of mine moves out upstairs. This time, I ordered Deep Cleaning London to come along and do the work and they did an amazing job! All the grime and dust was taken care of and the room looked brand new. To make things better, I got a special offer on the job. Perfect work and I will be in touch.
Debra Pines05/09/2017
      One off Cleaning Services provided me with the cheapest house cleaning service around, and for that I'm extremely grateful. Their team really did help me out a great deal.
Rory M.21/08/2017
      Cleaning Service London just came out and helped my mother get some upholstery cleaning done. The cleaners were very patient with her and listened to all her concerns. I highly recommend them!
Aaron L.28/07/2017
      Cleaning Services offered our business a reasonable bid for the office cleaning services we needed. They come in three times a week after closing, and our office always looks pristine. I enjoy working with this company.
     I made a good first positive first impression with upholstery that is clean and deodorized. Deep Cleaning London helped me with upholstery cleaning at reasonable prices.
     I discovered the excellence of working with End of Tenancy cleaning London. They are professional cleaning services providers that care about your opinion and provide great value for money every time. I no longer have to work with fraudulent companies that are unprofessional.
F. Ross15/05/2017
     After a very dusty moving in session we decided to hire Cleaning Services to perform some home cleaning duties. Loved the speed of the service and price. Delighted.
     Looking forward to getting my spring cleaning done by One off Cleaning Services. House hasn't looked the same since they cleaned it at Christmas.
Marc K.03/04/2017
     Hired them for move out cleaning a few days ago and they cleaned my home to perfection. Got my deposit back and saved money on cleaning! It was a great deal! Thank you End of Tenancy cleaning London!
     The spring cleaning service was reliable and affordable! Thank you!
     Chose Cleaning Service London because they offered me a competitive price for domestic cleaning. I didn't regret my decision as I got a first class service at an affordable cost!
Manuela J.16/01/2017
     Got professional help from One off Cleaning Services and their great crew. They had a lot to contribute with and their house cleaners were absolute professionals. They knew how to take care of every single stain and dirt problem; they set out to work and did not stop until the task was handled completely. Excellent job, will be recommending them and their cheap services for sure - they deserve the endorsement!
M. Pearce07/12/2016
     Was having a family gathering and decided to get a cleaning company to prepare the house. Cleaning Services had good prices and I went to them. Their house cleaners came right when I wanted them and did a prompt clean of the house, leaving me a very happy customer. Everything was taken care of, even that horrible stain on the sofa I could never deal with. Excellent work; will certainly have nice things to say about them.
Kelly Cross24/11/2016
     My birthday party was great and the mess tremendous. I booked the after party cleaning service of One off Cleaning London and got exactly what I needed! All the stains were gone, the upholstery was fresh once again and the unpleasant odour was removed. Great value for money overall!
Simon H.08/11/2016
     My wife got talked into hosting one of those parties where all the gals get together while one peddles things like perfumes, household products and I don't know what. But my wife -she just couldn't let all her friends come over unless the house got a thorough clean. She called Cleaning Services and even I was amazed at the difference. I'd recommend this crew to anyone who needs domestic cleaning services.
H. Spate 28/10/2016
     Hired Cleaning Services to do the after builders cleaning after my recent loft conversion project. They removed every last speck of dust and all the debris and now I can enjoy my new study to the fullest. Thank you!
Walter S.28/09/2016
     Excellent services! Cannot explain just how great One off Cleaning London were with my carpet cleaning. They came, they saw the stain, they set out and the maid simply cleansed the floors with the steamer thing. It was just wonderful, start to finish; they really know how to leave a customer satisfied.
     Outstanding service from OneOffCleaning! They were very considerate and responsive when I needed to delay the service due to building work being extended a few days. The cleaning ladies who cleaned my home did an excellent job, much better than I expected. Would definitely use their services in the future.
Peter Dolly 21/07/2016
     From scrubbing the stained oven to tidying up the entire kitchen, the team from OneOffCleaning did a splendid job. It usually takes me an entire day or two to get this job done, but the cleaners from this company completed the job in less than four hours. Thank you to your crew, my kitchen looks so much cleaner, tidier and even smells good!
June L.23/06/2016
     My kitchen was in a real state and I had no time to clean it, what with my busy work schedule and taking care of the kids. I asked around and a friend recommended Deep Cleaning London. I'm so glad I hired them! After they finished working, my kitchen looked as if it had never been used! 10/10!
Susan K.31/05/2016
     My mum treated me to a professional spring cleaning service carried out by Cleaning Services and I was amazed with their work. I always thought you could get the same results yourself but it seems I was really wrong. I've never achieved the kind of spectacular cleaning results this company provided. I'm so impressed and can't recommend them enough. It was a really great gift.
Nigel Blade21/04/2016
     Wow! If you're looking for a cleaning company that has it all then contact Cleaning Services. Their customer service is great and their services are even better! 10/10!
Carl Hoskins 15/03/2016
     Upholstery cleaning is something that I have never and probably will never know anything about, but this doesn't mean that I want my sofa to look like a dirt filled hovel. Deep Cleaning London gave me the exact upholstery cleaning service that I needed. They used steam cleaning equipment to get rid of all the stains and smells, and once the job was finished my sofa looked better than when I bought it!
Alice Field10/02/2016
     I can't think of a single fault in the service I got from End of Tenancy cleaning London. I had wanted a professional cleaning firm for some time, but when I was browsing the various websites all I came across were overpriced services with poor reviews! Finally, I found this company, who completely changed my view on professional cleaners. When I checked my house after the first time, the entire place looked cleaner and more welcoming than it had in years, particularly my carpets and bathroom tiles. If you don't think professional cleaning's for you, try these guys first!
Anne C.17/11/2015
     If you're a little confused as to what to look for in a cleaning company, I whole-heartedly recommend One off Cleaning Services. I've tried a lot of local cleaning services, but these guys really stick out in both the quality of their results and their customer service skills. For a considerably lower price than other companies charge, you'll get a thorough and professional clean of your home, all the while talking to polite and considerate staff who won't get in the way of your home life. I've already recommended them to several friends, and I know I will in future!
Georgina D.06/11/2015
     My business is small, which means my staff and I are very busy. Over the past months, the mess had built up and we didn't have any time to clean it ourselves. We called up Cleaning Service London to see what they could do for us and we were very impressed. Their cleaning team got the job done in no time and transformed the office for the better. We now hire them regularly, to ensure our office is always spotless.
William Simonson24/09/2015
     I was in desperate need of a deep cleaning service at home. I really needed the full shabang: vacuuming, dusting, kitchen cleaning etc. Everything that could be done in a house I needed done, so thank you to Cleaning Services for making it happen.
     When you are a busy working person, the time you spend at home is very limited indeed. I was bogged down with my house cleaning chores and so I decided to hire a professional company to hand it all over to, so I chose One off Cleaning London. I am so glad that I did, they were just fantastic! I hire them to clean my home on a weekly basis now and I could not live without them because they save me so much hassle and time!!
Arcelia Demark12/08/2015
     Well, all I can say is that I am another happy, satisfied customer! Cleaning Service London is by far the best cleaning company I have ever worked with and I am so happy that I chose them for my oven cleaning!
Keith Sanderson04/08/2015
     It isn't often that you find a company where the team of employees are all great but at Cleaning Service London they are. I was thrilled with their work and professionalism. They are so efficient and really hard working. I can only speak about their sofa cleaning and rug cleaning services but I am sure they offer generally very high class services! I highly recommend this company!
Dwaine Laufer29/07/2015
     I have had various members of the team at Cleaning Services come to clean for me when I have needed upholstery cleaning help and I have always been impressed! I highly recommend this team!
Anna Yung21/07/2015
     I was in need of a sofa cleaning company or service provider and I found One off Cleaning Services. They seemed ideal, they worked around my time schedule and got the job done in next to no time which was just great! It worked out so well for me! I will be using them again!
Olga Loken10/07/2015
     I used Cleaning Service London to clean one of my rental apartments recently and was so pleased with the service I will continue to use them. Tenants had left and along with it they had left a fair old mess. I didn't have time to do the cleaning so hired an end of tenancy cleaning service from this company. The staff did a super job and quickly too. The cost was inexpensive and the service outstanding.
Diana Baker03/07/2015
     After I had an extension built on my home, the kitchen was an absolute mess! I knew I didn't have the time or energy to clean it myself and so I called Deep Cleaning London. They gave me a brilliant price to send their cleaners round to do the job. I hired them immediately and within a day, my kitchen was back to normal.
J. Davis10/06/2015
     Words cannot express how happy I am that I was able to find such an affordable cleaning company like Cleaning Services. It isn't always easy to have a tight budget with 4 kids and afford cleaning help but even the cleaners themselves, are real stars. My kids love them and they do a fantastic job! Thank you so very much.
     When I asked OneOffCleaning to send a cleaner down to my parent's home, I didn't imagine that they would send a ‘super' cleaner. They were full of praises about what she had done with the house so I had to go down to see for myself, and I, too, was truly impressed. Even after a week since she came around, my parents are still opening cupboards and going wow at the detailed and thorough cleaning she had done. Definitely recommend them highly!
J. Booth18/02/2015
     After a really awesome party last week, I had a messy aftermath to deal with. Not only was there dirt all over my floor but my carpets and upholstery was also badly abused. Because I had to work during the week I hardly got time to clean it myself. I gave OneOffCleaning a call and they fit me in for a cleaning session promptly. The staff they send were very nice and immediately got to work, being very methodical and thorough with their job. I was so impressed with their work that I am definitely going to ask for them again.
Yvonne F.04/12/2014
     Our offices were closing for the summer holidays and we decided that this would be an ideal opportunity to have an office cleaning firm in to clean the offices meticulously. I got several quotes but I was particularly drawn to OneOffCleaning mainly because they just seemed to know exactly what I wanted. They listened to me and I felt that they would do a good job. I was correct and even happier that I had expected. A great job at an affordable cost.
Roger Smithson24/11/2014
     I found it difficult trying to juggle work and family life. A friend of my sister's told me about OneOffCleaning and said how good their cleaning services are so I thought I would give them a ring. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to afford a cleaner, but when I found out the costs I was pleasantly surprised. I only have a small house so the cleaning doesn't take long and is affordable. I love being able to spend the whole weekend with my family and having lots of quality time with them instead of cleaning. Thank you!
Sarah E.14/11/2014
     We need our living room carpet cleaning done every few months because we have people in and out of the house with their shoes on all day and all night. The carpet gets a real beating and ends up stained and filthy. We knew we needed some professional help so we approached OneOffCleaning and got a great price quote from them. They are the only people we will trust with our carpets now as they did such a brilliant job of work. The carpets looked almost new and the whole house looked loads better because of that. A great job well done!
Marty Ashton09/10/2014
     My mum was always a big fan of professional cleaning agencies and she was always telling me how they make life so much easier. When I moved from my old place, one of the first things I had to do was find a good cleaning company I could depend on. I'd heard so many good things about OneOffCleaning and past experience has taught me that there is nothing quite like a solid reputation to judge cleaners by.
Ruth T.19/09/2014
     Whilst driving through the countryside, I must have muddied my car, it had been raining. I didn't know what to do as none of the car wash service near to me were trust worthy. I took to the internet and after some research, came across OneOffCleaning. They had many positive reviews, and were willing to travel to me, so I called them up and asked them to send someone over immediately. Someone came that afternoon, and whilst I was working, they cleaned the whole interior of the car. When they were done, I must admit, I felt like I'd been given a new car. The whole car was glistening and gleaming in a way I have never seen before, what an amazing job!
     I needed a professional cleaner to come around one day for a very special reason. My home needed to look its best so I could make a good impression on my boyfriend. This is the first time he's ever come to my home, so I was determined to make it a good one! I wanted a cleaner that I could trust, and thanks to some quick advice from my pals, I was pointed in OneOffCleaning's direction! I was more than satisfied with the job that they did, and the evening turned out to be a success! I've got their number on speed-dial for future emergencies, so if that's not a recommendation from me, I don't know what is. Thanks for everything!
Amy Doley21/08/2014
     My office looks just great after One Off Cleaning' cleaning services. It hadn't been cleaned for more than three months and now everything looks brand new. Thank you so much for your services, and I will call you again!
H. Ladd05/12/2012
     What fantastic carpet cleaning services! The cleaning technicians were very friendly and honest, and they managed to clean all the stains. They were really nice folks to work with. I will definitely contact One Off Cleaning again and recommend them to anyone!
D. Rakin01/12/2012
     Thank you very much Cleaning Company - you did a wonderful job for me. My carpets look new again. The cleaners were very prompt, and provided professional and friendly service. I am planning on hiring your team for my upholstery cleaning as well.
I. Leam28/11/2012
     I also had a very good experience. This was the third time I've used Cleaning Company and their services get better each time. The team that came to help me clean my upholstery worked without a break. Highly recommended!
E. Dytton21/11/2012
     I booked this company for an end-of-tenancy cleaning in my flat. They were great from start to finish. Their team was polite and hard-working. And all this for a very reasonable price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!
J. Duke19/11/2012
     I've got three small children and since my husband loves dogs, we have two German Shepherds. The carpets had become stained and had a horrible smell. I had used all sorts of household cleaning products but nothing did the trick. My friend then recommended One Off Cleaning. All I can say is it was money well spent. The carpets were spotless and had a lovely smell afterwards. I've decided that I would hire them a couple of times a year.
G. Mosovskaia17/11/2012
     I am a day trader and I work at home. Since I don't have time on my hands I could never clean my house properly. I had a difficult time finding a suitable cleaning company, as I am allergic to many cleaning products. Then I came across this company, and what intrigued me was the fact that they use eco cleaning products. I've hired them since and I'm extremely happy. I would recommend them to anyone.
R. Parkevich12/11/2012
     I am a manager at a small printing company. A lot of the employees began complaining that the carpets and desks weren't being cleaned well enough. I decided to change the company we were using and switched to your company. I am extremely impressed by their professionalism and continue to work with them.
J. Lishin10/11/2012
     The company is genuinely very professional and the prices I was offered were very competitive. The cleaning technicians are very polite and helpful, too. I would recommend them to anyone needing cleaning services.
N. Maier09/11/2012
     I work as an estate agent. We let over twenty properties each week, but I started to notice that the cleaning company we were working with had become very complacent and was not doing their job properly. Many of our customers were also beginning to notice during viewings. I decided to switch the cleaning company to One Off Cleaning. I am extremely happy with their punctuality, swiftness and quality of work.
T. Abadito06/11/2012

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