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Ways to Make House Cleaning Fun

Cleaning can seem like a horrid chore, especially if things have built up over time and just some basic maintenance just isn’t cutting it anymore. But a deep clean doesn’t have to fill you with dread, it can be something that you do during the evening at home while you do all your normal chores such as cooking and watching your favourite program. Check out this guide to make house cleaning that bit more bearable.

-    Start before you get settled. It’s easy to come home with great intentions or wake up eager to get a good weekend clean ready for the week ahead. But it’s not long before you start to procrastinate or fall onto the couch and lose your momentum. Keep in your domestic cleaning focus and get started immediately when the thought comes into your mind.

-    Carpet cleaning. Floors and carpets are one thing that really makes a difference when you get a good clean in. Floors pick up all the dirt that comes in with everyone and before you know it you don’t even see the filth anymore, a really deep carpet clean or floor wash will make an instant difference to your room.

-    Upholstery cleaning. Just like carpets, upholstery picks up a lot of dirt and hair as well, lifting dirt with a stiff brush and washing down leather sofas can be really great. This is a good idea to do while your favourite TV show is on. Instead of sitting on the sofa you can watch while you get cleaning. The time will fly by and by the time you have finished your program, your floors and upholstery will be looking great.

-    Clean the things you can’t see. Just cleaning on the outside doesn’t count because you know you will be thinking about the dirt inside. Get to all those tasks you can see to really clear your mind. So while your dinner is cooking, clean out your shelves and when your oven is cooling down, get some oven cleaning in. Hopefully the heat will have loosened some of the grease and will be easier to lift, soak it in vinegar or oven cleaner while you enjoy your dinner.

-    Dust to work off your dinner. While you wait to make room for desert or enjoy the last of your glass of wine, run your duster over your surfaces. Following with a damp cloth will really help lift everything. Don’t forget skirting boards and the top of door frames.

-    Clean the bathroom before bed. Why not give your bathroom the once over while you wait for your bath to fill? Get into that lime scale with a stiff toothbrush and light a candle as you enjoy your bath. Some lovely smelling salts will help your whole home smell nice after your clean. You can rub everything down after with a microfiber cloth to really give shine to your surfaces.

-    Call in the big guns. If all this still doesn’t sound in anyway appealing then consider hiring a cleaning company. Cleaning companies aren’t always that expensive and can just help you with a few small things such as kitchen cleaning or get to work on the whole of your house.

A deep clean doesn’t have to be daunting and if you do it during your normal routine then you might find you want to do a little every day in order to keep up the maintenance. You can make your tasks fun and easy to fit into your everyday life.

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