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Ridiculous Cleaning Hacks You Need to Trying

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Some cleaning hacks turn out to be quite useful. They will turn a difficult house cleaning chore into a fairly simple one and even help improve your life significantly.

However, many others tend to be exciting in theory, but when put into practice, they are not half as effective. They will have you scratching your head wondering how they work and how anybody can even try to use them.

In this article, we've ransacked the Internet to tell you the craziest, stupidest and just plain absurd cleaning hacks that don’t work. Continue reading to see which cleaning hacks border on absurdity.

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1. Pouring Coke down a toilet bowl

It seems somewhat gross to pour Coke down your toilet, if not a waste. However some people claim that you can use Coke to make your toilet bowl spick and span. The whole idea behind this cleaning hack is that being acidic; Coke has the ability to break down the most stubborn hard water stain.

But you can achieve this if you use vinegar, not to mention that it’s much cheaper. What most people who believe in this cleaning technique forget that Coke contains sugar, which can encourage bacteria growth when left to stay on your toilet bowl for long. This is one of those cleaning hacks that have turned out to be a complete fail. Instead of Coke, just use a toilet bowl cleaner.

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2. Use hairspray to remove an ink stain on clothes

This might have worked if you still lived in the 60’s when hairsprays still contained alcohol. Today, nearly none of hairsprays contain alcohol, which simply means that this hack is no longer effective. In fact, it can be quite terrible on your cloth.

If you want to remove an ink stain from your fabric, there are many effective techniques that won’t ruin your clothing.

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3. Mouthwash for cleaning your washing machine

Of all the cleaning hacks you will see, this ranks as one of the most ridiculous and craziest. Your mouth is nothing compared to your washing machine, meaning that it would require an absurd amount of mouthwash to make any significant changes in the bacteria levels.

The simplest way to clean your washing machine is to use bleach. You just need to run one empty load with the bleach or even run white load with the bleach. In both cases, you will effectively clean and even disinfect your machine. Or better still just hire a cleaning company to do it.

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4. Use baking soda to clean your sofa and get rid of nasty odours

Cleaning your sofa is an integral part of house cleaning. Truth be said, baking soda actually cleans certain fabrics and gets rid of bad odours. But certain fabrics are easily ruined when covered with baking soda. In case of a soft fabric, the fine grains will stick permanently onto your couch. The simple thing to do is to just use coarse salt, which soaks up quite effectively.

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5. Compressed Air

Some people swear that you can use compressed air for deep cleaning to clean those hard-to-reach areas - dusty air vents, grime in window sills, and those kinds of things. While it gets the dirt out of nooks and crannies, it leads to a dirt explosion that you will still need to vacuum up.

So, although it works, it’s not saving you any time, which is the main purpose of a hack. To clean those hard-to-reach areas, the best solution is to hire professional cleaning services.

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Sure, domestic cleaning is no fun. But this doesn't give you the excuse to cut corners with cleaning. While you may end up saving a few coins, the problem is that some hacks can damage your fabrics and make the home cleaning process more difficult and time-consuming.

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