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Signs You're A Clean Freak

house cleaning freak

Some people like their home clean. And then there are those who can’t get enough of home cleaning. And no, we are not talking about Mr Monk levels of OCD, simply about people who are overdoing it. Domestic cleaning is done to a certain degree, but when you double the effort, you only start wasting time. And if you realise that and limit yourself to only house cleaning at a level which does not allow much dirt in your home, then you have become a clean freak. You have met the level of paranoia or cleanliness which not many people obtain, nor do they seek to. But how can you be sure? Well, see if you would answer the following questions with a ‘yes’:

Do you clean more than five times a week?
Yes, dedicated home cleaners know that it is necessary to at least vacuum for 15 minutes a day, but even they have a Saturday and a Sunday. But if you are so devoted that you cannot stop cleaning for a single day, then you are certainly a clean freak. The clean house is one that is kept clean all the time, no exceptions.

kitchen cleaning

Do you spend more than ten minutes on dish washing?
Admit it; washing the dishes is not that hard. And even if there are harder stains, you can scrub them out within ten minutes and then rest. Or even put them in the dishwasher and let the machine do all the work. But a clean freak would not let it go. All dishes must be clean and shiny! A clean dish today means no rinsing tomorrow. And what is this dishwasher –never trust a machine with the subtlety of stain removal.

dish washing

Do you have a cleaner for everything?
Most people walk the supermarket and take a certain cleaner that will cover most areas. Not so with the clean freaks, though – they will take a special cleaning agent for every single thing in the house. Carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners, window cleaners: everything is a subject of purchase as long as it will do a specialised cleaning at home. Everything except an all-purpose cleaner – that is for the plebeians who are too lazy to shop properly.

cleaning products

Do you make your bed every morning?
Nobody makes the bed ALL the time. There are times when you are too grumpy, too sleepy, or too tired to do it. There are occasions when you don’t do it for days. But not the clean freaks. They will tidy up the bed before leaving the home every single morning, no exceptions. The world could be ending – a proper bed is more important!

made bed

Do you clean your sinks on a weekly basis?
Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, even the shower and bathtub faucets, are the most germ-filled things in your house. But, naturally, you do not pay that much attention to them because you are a cautious hand-washer and you know how to protect yourself. Yet, the protection which the clean freak does is one involving constant cleaning of all the sinks and the faucets every single week. Keeping them gleaming and shiny means that there are no germs to be scared of at all.

bathroom cleaning

So, how many answers did you answer with a ‘yes’? Chances are, if you answered one positively, then you probably answered all the rest as well. Clean freaks are a very specific type of person – one who never lets go of a cleaning job until it is 100% done and perfectly handled. And there is nothing wrong with being one – it means living in a much cleaner and much better world.

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