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Things Everyone Should Do This Autumn

autumn cleaning
Autumn is in its full swing and winter will soon knock on the door. Before the cold weather sets in, there are a few things you should do to prepare your home for the winter. Here are the five house cleaning tasks you should not neglect this autumn in order to turn your home into a cosy place to spend the cold winter months in.

Prepare the Kitchen for the Holidays

We all love home cooked holiday meals and freshly baked biscuits and cakes. To prepare your kitchen for the upcoming holidays and all the baking you may want to do for Christmas, you should do a thorough kitchen clean. Oven cleaning is perhaps the most tedious of the tasks you will have to tackle, but it is essential, as a dirty oven can totally spoil the taste and smell of your meals and baked goods. If you don’t feel like cleaning the oven yourself, hire a professional cleaner to do it. Also, put your kitchen cabinets in order, throw away any products past their due date and clean the cabinets inside and out. Wipe the counters and don’t forget the kitchen cabinet tops too – there may be a lot of dust and grime gathered there. Finish the job off with thoroughly cleaning your kitchen sink.

oven clean
Clean Windows and Window Treatments

It may seem pointless to clean your windows when rain or snow is expected to fall soon, but if you don’t, they will be a lot harder to clean in spring when there will be a half-year-long worth of dirt accumulated on them. Thorough window cleaning includes cleaning the inside and outside parts of windows as well as the sills, frames and borders. Clean windows don’t do well with dirty drapes, so make sure you do some drape and curtain cleaning too. What could be better than sitting inside on a cold day with a cuppa in your hands watching the leaves fall through spotless windows framed by freshly washed curtains?!

window cleaners
Flip the Mattress and Clean It

To prepare your mattress for winter and equalise its wear and tear, you should flip it twice a year – in spring and in autumn. Some mattresses even have two sides made of different materials – one for summer use and one for the winter. After you turn the mattress, do a thorough mattress clean to ensure there are no allergens and dust mites in it. You can spray some baking soda on the mattress, let it sit for some time and then vacuum it up – that will remove any unpleasant odours from the mattress. Mattress steam cleaning is another efficient option.

mattress cleaning
Clean Gutters

The exterior of your home deserves just as much attention as its interior. Gutter cleaning is an important task to tackle in autumn, as if you don’t do it, your gutters may clog up and leak, leading to damage to the exterior walls and even the house foundations in some cases. Remove all dry leaves, dirt and branches from your gutters to ensure the free flow of rain water through them. If you don’t have the necessary equipment and ladders, or you are afraid of heights, you should hire a professional cleaning service for your gutters.

gutter cleaners
Clean Outdoor Furniture and Store It

Chances are you won’t be using your patio furniture much in the winter. To protect it from the elements and make sure it will be good to use for many years to come, you should store your outdoor furniture at a safe and dry place for the winter. This could be the garage, the basement or your shed, if it is not too moist and its roof doesn’t leak. Hose down your patio furniture to remove all dirt and dust and let it dry before you put it into storage. Outdoor furniture cleaning is an important task, as if you store your furniture with all the dirt stuck to it, it may rot if it is made of wood or wicker or corrode if it is made of metal.

patio furniture cleaning
All these autumn chores are not that hard to handle, but they are essential for keeping your home interior and exterior safe, clean and in good working order. Check these tasks off your autumn home cleaning list and your home will be ready for the cold weather.

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