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Tip How Often You Should Clean All In Your House

how often to clean everything

Have you ever wondered about the frequency of cleaning of everything in your home? You know that you have to home clean in general, but should you clean everything every time? No, of course, different items have different periods during which you can neglect cleaning them. But once they pass, then doing it is necessary unless you want to invite bad things like mould, germs, pests, or just a really nasty smell. So to help you not wonder about how to avoid unsanitary waiting to clean, here are all your questions answered.

How often should I change my sheets?
Weekly. Place your sheets, let a week pass, that very next week you should change them. The amount of dust mites that gathers in sheets is absurd, and, considering that some people wait a full month till doing it, people are basically swimming in them.

washing sheets

How often should I clean my mattress?
About twice a year. Provided you are not especially dirty and you clean and change your sheets regularly, the mattress should remain clean for most of the year. Even the two cleanings a year are more maintenance than actual need for cleaning.

mattress cleaning

How often should I wash grout?
At least once a year. Grout does accumulate some germs, but doesn’t need to be specifically washed since washing the tiles around it also helps. But when the time to be thorough comes, take out a toothbrush and scrub away.

cleaning grout

How often should I clean my windows?
Once every few months. Unless the windows become especially dirty, you can procrastinate with cleaning them for as long as you like. But when the time to do it does come, you better do it. It’s not like it’s hard – all you need is a newspaper and a spray cleaning agent for basic cleaning and a squeegee if you want to be very thorough.

window cleaning

How often should I clean my oven?
At least once every six months. Oven cleaning is necessary so that you don’t have to cook with your last meal’s dirt and grime, so if you are a vigorous cook and your oven is often busy, maybe you should do it more often. Particularly when you start tasting yesterday’s meal on today’s cooking.

How often should I scour my pans and pots?
At least three times a year. Pots and pans take a lot of damage to their bottom sides, and regular cleanings just won’t do. You need to thoroughly scour them with an oven cleaner or a strong concentration of white vinegar to cleanse the underside from all the abuse your oven gives them.

kitchen clean

How often should I vacuum my carpet / floor?
Daily. Don’t be lazy, it’s dust we are talking about here. You need to keep it away as much as possible before it starts spreading around all the germs and bacteria you bring from outside. Alright, you can skip a day, but you really should take care of that chore the next day. Dust is trickier to deal with than you may think. And every once a year you would be wise to exercise deep carpet cleaning so that you cleanse it from all the dirt you couldn’t get from the vacuum during the year.

clean carpet

How often should I polish wood and furniture?
Once a year. As long as you keep them clean and spend a proper amount of time on upholstery cleaning, you should not have any problem with the cleanliness of your furniture and wooden surfaces. And when you really want them to shine, then take a damp cloth and the proper wax, and start coating.

polishing furniture

With this list of responsibilities you should be properly educated mostly on when to home clean. It is not a hard task, mostly just a tedious one, but one that needs to be done so that you live a better and healthier place.

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