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How to Keep a House Clean Every Day

Just had a big house cleaning session? Are dreading the moment it becomes messy again? Do you just wish it would stay permanently clean?

These frustrations are common after home cleaning. There is nothing worse than taking your time and care with domestic cleaning and finding that a week later the house is a mess again. This can be caused a number of different factors. Certain rooms of the house are used regularly and have a high traffic area. This means that bags can get dumped, mud and dirt can be trailed through, and often members of the house are just too busy to stop and deal with it at the time.

With these handy tips, you can work towards cleaning your house and keeping it clean. Keeping these 10 tips in mind, you can make cleaning a habit rather than a chore. Implement a few small changes and notice a drastic difference in the cleanliness of your house!

1.    On the bed, pull the comforter over the pillows. This makes it look cleaner and opens up the space of the room, even if your bed isn’t totally made.

2.    Each morning, put your dirty clothes in the washing machine or the laundry. Even if you don’t do a load, just get them out of your bedroom and where they need to be. Then when the washing machine or laundry basket is full, put the load on.

3.    After washing your hands or doing the dishes, dry the sink with a cloth. It will make a noticeable difference and prevent stains and marks from building up.

4.    Put a load of dishes on overnight and unload the dishwasher before breakfast. This can be easily done while the kettle is boiling or the toast is cooking, and it starts the day off with the dishwasher ready to be loaded again once every one has eaten.

5.    Leave shoes at the door rather than traipsing mud and dirt through the home and letting it sink into the carpets or rugs.

6.    Don’t let junk mail or packaging from foods build up. As soon as it’s been used or opened, put the trash straight in the bin where it belongs.

7.    Keep towels in the bathroom and kitchen folded neatly. This really adds cleanliness to the space and keeps things organised. It doesn’t take long to fold up a towel after you’ve wiped down the counter, but it doesn’t make a big difference.

8.    Wipe the mirror down with a microfiber cloth. By hanging a cloth on a hook beside the mirror, you’ll remember to do this more often. It really adds shine and sparkles to the bathroom or bedroom and lightens up the space.

9.    Use a squeegee on the shower door and walls. Before stepping out of the shower, give it a quick squeegee down. This stops water stains building up and becoming a permanent fixture in the shower. It really makes a big difference and means the shower won’t need to be thoroughly deep cleaned as often.

10.    Lastly, change your mindset. Put on some music while you’re cleaning or whistle a tune. Make it something fun and enjoyable rather than a burden. If you have kids, use cleaning as a reward system and set up positive behaviours from a young age. For yourself, take pride in a clean home and remember that this is your palace – it’s worth keeping it clean!

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