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Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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Carpet cleaning can be a challenging task that requires time and effort. Sometimes hiring carpet cleaners may not be the most affordable or convenient solution. Buying a carpet cleaning machine is not worth the investment as it is expensive and you will not use it on a regular basis. Sometimes the best decision is to make a homemade carpet cleaning solution. You can use the products you have at home and reduce cleaning costs significantly. You need to know what products you can mix and how to use them to remove stains. Follow this guide and you will get your carpet cleaned without spending money on expensive cleaning products.

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Detergent based cleaning solution

You should mix a cup of warm water with 1/4 tsp. of clear liquid dish detergent to make an efficient carpet cleaning solution. You can use this solution in a carpet cleaning machine or scrub it into the carpet with a cloth or sponge mop. After the carpet gets dry you need to vacuum the residue, if any.

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Household cleaner based solution

Mix a cup of ammonia, half a cup of an all-purpose cleaner (with no bleach), 4 litres of warm water and half a cup of fabric softener. You can use this mixture to clean and soften your carpet.

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Laundry detergent based carpet cleaning solution

Mix 10 parts lukewarm water and 1 part dry laundry detergent. This solution will not foam but will leave a fresh laundered scent. After you apply the mixture you should blot the stained area with clean water to remove it. After that you should let the carpet get dry before using it again.

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Powdered detergent cleaning solution

Mix 1 teaspoon of ammonia, half a cup of powdered detergent and a litre of warm water in a small bowl and stir frequently to make foam. Use it to gently blot the whole carpet using a clean cloth or sponge. Vacuum the carpet once dry.

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Stain removers

Mix equal parts baking soda and white vinegar to form a thick paste. Scrub it into the stained area using a sponge or old toothbrush. Allow the area to dry and vacuum the carpet. If the stain is still there you should pour a small amount of club soda onto the stained area and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then scrub using a clean cloth or sponge.

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This is an easy and cheap way to remove stubborn stains without investing time and money in hiring a carpet cleaning company. You can make a variety of stain removal solutions using the products you already have in your home. These products include club soda, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, essential oils, ammonia, etc. White vinegar and lemon juice are powerful odour removers while essential oils can be used to add scents to the cleaning solutions. Club soda is usually used to remove old stains that are dry and set deep into the carpet fibres. The only thing you need to remember when removing stains is: never rub! Blot the stained area to avoid doing further damage to your carpet.

Just Clean with Water

Clean your carpet with lukewarm water, no detergent - as some detergents only help collect and hold in more dust and dirt. You can use this method only on carpets that are cleaned on a regular basis. If your carpet has not been cleaned for months, this solution will not be efficient.

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Use a carpet shampoo if the homemade cleaning solutions do not work

There are many carpet cleaning products on the market. You just need to choose the product that will meet your cleaning needs and fit your budget. You can apply Scotchgard to make sure your carpet will be cleaner for a longer period of time. Some of these products can be really expensive so ensure you are making the right choice before investing money in them. Sometimes hiring a professional cleaning service can be cheaper that spending money on commercial carpet cleaners or Scotchgard protector. So choose wisely and get the best results!

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