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Phrases That You Should Never Use When Facing Domestic Cleaning

home cleaning sins

Come on, admit it, there are lies you tell yourself while doing the house cleaning all the time. There are things you keep repeating and allowing to happen in your daily cleaning routine that make your life that much easier, and the kitchen and living room not a bit less dirty. Those are the lies we tell ourselves which allow us to commit the small sins of cleaning which later affect our ability to keep the home clean. And then there are the big lies, the ones that are just too absurd, yet you do hear them every now and then. So let’s look at the few phrases that you should never use when facing domestic cleaning:

#1 – Jeans washing is boring – I just put them in the freezer!

Yes, some people think that cleanliness can be cryo-preserved. Sadly, when you take off your jeans, you are taking off microbes, and other pesky things that should be washed or steamed out. When you freeze them, the stains remain and the bacteria are there as well.

jeans washing

#2 – No need to clean the sink; it gets cleaned while doing the dishes.

Sounds logical… except, not really. While the foam does take a few bacteria with it, there are still the ones that linger after the cleaning is done and the moisture levels rise. You should always take some time after doing the dishes to scrub the sink as well and make sure that your kitchen cleaning is complete.

washing dishes

#3 – Vinegar works on everything.

It does, but sometimes it comes with consequences. Vinegar is an acidic cleaner which makes it dangerous for some types of surfaces. When you clean stone or some types of wood with it, it could etch or warp the material, so always be careful with that.

house cleaning with vinegar

#4 – The dishwasher can work without dish detergent.

Well, yes, technically it can. The thing is, all it will do to the dishes is wet them and nothing is really going to happen. There is a reason why special detergent is used, even when a robot is doing your work. Never be stingy on what makes your dishes clean.

dishwasher tablets

#5 – Regular laundry detergent works with hand washing too.

Yes, correct. The problem is, you cannot do the scrubbing like the machine does and you cannot distribute the detergent like the machine would. So better leave the machine detergent to the machines.

hand washing detergent

#6 – Shoes don’t bring in that much dirt.

This one is simply absurd. Of course they do! You bring in all the dirt you stepped on outside. Dirt, dust, and all the rest of the things that get stuck on your soles get dragged all over the carpet and good luck with the carpet cleaning if you do that more often!

floor cleaning

#7 – Changing the sheets once a week is way too often.

Yes, and dust mites are way too comfy to snuggle with too. Don’t be lazy when it comes to your bed’s cleanliness. That is one place where you spend more time than anywhere else in your house. Not changing the sheets leads to dust mites building up and that is bad for your pyjamas, skin, and lungs.

changing sheets

#8 – There is no reason to empty the vacuum cleaner’s bag before it’s full.

Yes, there is. It’s called suction. You know, the thing that does all the work when you are vacuuming, remember? If there is no suction, there is no house cleaning. You can go all around the house and the vacuum will only work at half capacity. So unless you want to spend double the time vacuuming, do change or empty the bag every few days, okay?

vacuum cleaner bag

Domestic cleaning is not something that you should take easily. Cheap and simple hacks for cleaning your home may help, but they won’t be useful for too long. You need to get that home properly clean at least once every month, otherwise you are not doing your housekeeping work right. Put an effort in and care for your home as you would care for yourself – it is what it needs and what you need.

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