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How to Clean Your House for Each Season

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to spring. During all seasons of the year our homes are going to need a good old fashioned home cleaning. Allergies are peaked during the warm summer months thanks to the increased presence of pollen which is why it is important to keep your home dust free. The winter months are just as bad with harsh weather casting our homes in what seems like a permanent rain cloud. Here are some useful tips to keep your home clean and fresh throughout the year.

1. Carpet Cleaners
Hiring professional cleaners to remove stains and dirt from your carpets and rugs is a great way to save yourself some precious time and energy. Dust, dirt and pet hair tend to cling onto carpets which can lead to allergies in the home and a lot of loud sneezing. Use a hard bristled brush to lift dirt and then make sure to vacuum your carpets on a regular basis to maintain and reduce the amount of dust particles in your house.

2. Shining Tiles
For the bathroom and kitchen tiles you may wish to try a homemade cleaning remedy. Simply take baking soda out of the cupboard and mix approximately half a cup of itwith two gallons of warm water. This solution is ideal for tiles because it will bring out a glowing shine which will instantly make the room look cleaner.

3. Oven Cleaning
Ovens can accumulate a lot of food residue over time which can result in bacteria growth right inside your oven. Use an oven cleaner to wipe away the stains. Wash the oven racks separately with warm water and washing up liquid. Make sure to put on a pair of rubber gloves whilst cleaning your oven because it can get quite messy and greasy. Ventilate the room by opening the windows to get rid of the accompanying burnt scent that radiates from an open oven.

4. Tidy Wardrobes
Wardrobes and closets are often so packed with clothes that their doors barely close over. Save space by storing your shoes on a shoe rack. Install a small hanging shelf on the inside of your closet door which is perfect to hang things such as belts and scarves. If you have room under your bed then take the clothes that are for a different season and store them in a box to get them out of the way for now.

5. Organised Drawers
If your home is covered with dozens of ‘bits and bobs’ that don’t seem to have a place in the house, try using drawer dividers to separate them from each other and to help keep them more organized. Items such as sowing equipment, cotton wool balls, paperclips and jewellery can all benefit from drawer dividers.

6. Upholstery Cleaning
When it comes to cleaning stains from furniture you need to be careful in case you use a product that will damage your upholstery instead of cleaning it. Read the labels and test the product before using it for a larger area of fabric or wood. Don’t scrub too harshly as this could potentially increase the size of the initial stain.

7. Storage Ideas
Transparent storage boxes are ideal for home cleaning because you will be able to see the contents whilst freeing some precious space in the house. Installing shelves can also provide additional storage space inside the home. If you have kids then hanging baskets in their bedroom to hold their toys is a creative way in which to keep their things off the ground.

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