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Carpet Sanitation Hacks They Will Help Your Carpets Stay Clean for Longer

carpet clean

If you have a large area of your home covered with carpets, it is wise to regularly clean them and pay attention to their look. After all, nothing else has such a big impact on the environment inside your home as carpets.

If you believe that your carpet or rug cleaning skills are not up for the challenge, you should look for ways to improve them. Good carpet maintenance can ensure longer life of every carpet piece and better looks all around. Start using any of the following carpet sanitation hacks, as they will help your carpets stay clean for longer and look as if they are brand new. Who doesn’t want that?

shag rug cleaning

-    Cleaning shag rugs and carpets - these are some of the trickiest interior pieces to clean, because of their design. Still, this is something that needs to be done, regardless if you think it is a good idea or not. Traditional vacuuming is obviously a bother, because the suction can in fact damage the fibres. However, if you switch to a hose attachment, you won’t have this problem. Sure, it will take you a little more time, but at least the job will be done and prevent your shag from acquiring a ton of dust and dirt.

marks removal

-    Remove indentation marks - if you keep your furnishings at the same spot for a long period of time, the fibres will easily squash. In order to revive them, you can leave ice cubes to melt on the marks. Soak up the moisture with a towel and iron the spot with a damp cloth over. When you think the fibres are completely dry, run your fingers across them and fix them upwards. It is a great solution that can fix your carpet right up!

green cleaning

-    Use essential oils and baking soda - baking soda is one of the universal home cleaning tools to use if you are an eco-friendly enthusiast. It is pretty effective too, as it can clean a great deal of stains and remove odours. The latter quality is especially why so many people love using baking soda. Nothing stops you from mixing that cleaning solution with essential oils to not only remove bad odour but also introduce a pleasant one. A dozen drops of essential oil and 30 tbsp of baking soda make a great addition to sprinkle over your carpet and then vacuum over.

carpet cleaning

-    Fix carpet fibres damaged by high foot traffic - if there is a carpet area of your home that experiences increased traffic, chances are it will depress the fibres. In order to fix them right up, you don’t need a special steam carpet cleaning treatment. Instead, you can blot the area with a 50/50 water/vinegar mix and use a spoon sideways to straighten up the fibres.

stain removal

-    Clean off hardened treats - the problem with letting chocolate soaking into the carpet is that it becomes tough to deal with. Specialised stain removal is needed then, or a technique that involves … ironing. That is right, you actually need to iron a chocolate stain in order to melt it and then wipe it away. Don’t forget to use a damp cloth as well, or else you risk burning your carpet.

loop carpet clean

-    Be extra vigorous when cleaning loop carpeting - that is not just your everyday regular carpet cleaning we are talking about here. This is a loop carpet, which has more places for impurities to hide. Invest more time cleaning this piece in order to ensure it is sanitised.

home cleaning

-    A DIY approach to rug cleaning - if you are after a safe and effective solution to introduce to your home and make your carpet clean, you will need a gallon of hot water, 2-3 tbsp fabric softener, dozen drops of essential oil, ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp dish soap and ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide. It packs quite a cleaning punch!

These 7 hacks go a long way in turning your carpet cleaning into an easy activity. Implement them and you will feel the difference immediately.

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