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Things to Clean at Home Before you Leave for Vacation

cleaning before your vacation

Coming back from a vacation only to enter a dirty house is just the worst, now isn’t it? But then again, what is your motivation for going on an all-out house cleaning spree when you won’t be in the house for the next five or so days, right? Well, think again. If you do not want to enter a dirty home when you come back from a vacation, then guess what – do not leave the house dirty. Not to mention that not having to end your vacation with domestic cleaning is quite the incentive. There are five things that you should absolutely clean before going on that sweet vacation, and here they come:

#1 – Your Carpets

Do you know what the worst thing ever is? Coming back home after the time of your life and stepping in from the front door and onto the carpet, and immediately being engulfed into a cloud of dust. Don’t want that to happen? Well, then you should have spent half an hour of your time doing some carpet cleaning before you left. A bit of sweeping and vacuuming means that you won’t have to deal with dust when you come back.

carpet cleaning

#2 – Your Bathroom

Another thing you do not want is finally getting to your house and, after days or weeks spent in the fresh air of wherever you were, you enter the house and step into the bathroom. And then you have to go out because that lost and forgotten place contains anything but fresh air. Your lungs and nose simply reject such treatment and they will punish you for it, so to avoid that punishment, do your bathroom cleaning before leaving.

bathroom clean

#3 – Your Furniture

Is it not great to be home again? With the familiar setting and the familiar smell of muskiness and the fumes of dust rising as soon as you land on the sofa to rest after the trip? No? Then how about you do your upholstery cleaning before leaving the house? Some good scrubbing will leave you with a nice clean sofa to wait for your return. And if you do some stain removal, it will even look good, without that stain you constantly keep complaining about. Cleaning stains is not even hard, all you need is some water and baking soda or vinegar – you barely have to leave the house for supplies and tools.

furniture cleaners

#4 – Your Windows

If you don’t want to enter your house and feel like you have entered a crypt, then do some proper window cleaning before going away on that vacation. Windows usually get dirty because of the dust, but with you not being around, there will be no dust raised to dirty them. You can do some scrubbing with a newspaper and water and dish detergent and you will have nice translucent windows to enjoy when you come back home. When you pull those drapes or curtains, you want to be greeted by sunlight, and not by the collected works of House Dust.

window cleaning

#5 – Your Kitchen

And how does a nice meal after the return trip sound? Hope not too well, because you will have to wait for it, at least until you do the kitchen cleaning you were supposed to handle before going on a vacation. The stovetops will be musky, the oven inside will be filled with cobwebs, and your appliances will be worn and may need a bit of time before working properly because of them not being used and being so dirty. So do not forget doing a kitchen clean as well.

thorough kitchen clean

Overall, there really is no reason to not do your house cleaning before a vacation. Do it now and then rest it all out during the trip and the vacation itself; otherwise you will have to conclude the vacation with struggling to get the home clean.

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