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House Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind and Change Your Life Forever

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How clean is your home on a daily basis? If not too much, is that related to the fact that you like being lazy more than you like being clean? Those two things should not neutralise each other – you can actually be both. There are various ways to incorporate being lazy into your home cleaning schedule, in fact. Yes, that does sound ridiculous, but be prepared to witness the list of house cleaning hacks that will blow your mind and change your life forever.

1.    Use vinegar to clean your appliances.
Does your coffee machine need cleaning? No need to take it apart and scrub it clean, just run a cycle with vinegar and water instead of coffee. The acidic properties will take care of all the dirt lodged inside. Then just run it again with water to get rid of the smell, and you are done.

microwave cleaning

2.    Microwave oven cleaning with a moist sponge.
Do you know the best way to clean a sponge and a microwave all at once? Well, place the wet sponge inside the microwave oven and run the oven for 2 minutes on a high setting. After that the sponge will be dry and clean, and the oven will only need a bit of wiping.

3.    Plastic food wrap for a faster clean up.
If you will use a surface for something that will be potentially dirty, just place a sheet of plastic food wrap underneath. Do whatever you want, and then simply remove the sheet. Easy as pie.

shower cleaning

4.    Shower with liquid gel.
If you shower with liquid gel, you will avoid the soap scum that usually accumulates when using soap. Your bathroom can be much cleaner without actually cleaning it if you just use the right products.

5.    Use duct tape to clean crumbs.
Do you really need to take out the broom and shovel, or the vacuum cleaner every time some crumbs hit the floor? Well, no, actually. How about you just use a bit of duct tape? That’s right, stick to the ground, pull, the crumbs go up and away from the floor.

kitchen cleaning

6.    Don’t use bowls and cups.
If you don’t use any crockery or cutlery, there will be less to clean, right? So why take out the contents of the can when you can simply eat from the can? And drink from the bottle, you don’t really need a cup. And how about pouring the milk on the cookies instead of taking them out and dipping them in a bowl of milk?

7.    Dust with a lint roller.
Use a sticky surface to absorb all the dust mites that stick to surfaces, and then throw the sheet of lint away. What? Isn’t that what a lint roller is for, anyway? Clothes don’t get the special treatment; they just get part of its many uses.

lint roller cleaning

8.    Use swiffer socks to dust.
No need to spend ten minutes a day for carpet cleaning with the vacuum cleaner. Put on your fluffy swiffer socks, take a quick walk about your house, then take them off and throw them in the laundry bin. The floor is now dusted.

9.    Soap and water clean blenders.
If you use your blender frequently, it probably requires a lot of washing. Well, unless you pour some water and add a bit of soap, and blend them together. Pour it out, rinse, the blender is clean and ready for another use.

air conditioner cleaning

10.    Use a dryer sheet on the AC unit to freshen up rooms.
You don’t have to spend hours, or even minutes, looking for a particular source of smell. You just need to tape a dryer sheet on your air conditioner and turn it on. The room will soon smell good again.

With these lazy hacks you can improve the way of living without giving any effort at all. Home cleaning becomes something that happens in the background if you put your mind – and not your body – into it.

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